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Ghoul Popper

Description: The Bob Popper Ghoul is a box about 8 inches wide, 20 inches long, and 8 inches deep. This box contains a hinged, camouflaged lid, is buried in the ground, and, under proper lighting, becomes invisible. When a TOT walks by, the Bob Popper Ghoul can be triggered, causing a head/mask/creature to suddenly pop up out of the ground. The grave popper, a.k.a. Bob Popper Ghoul, was developed in the summer of 1997.

Air flows in through tubing and comes to a T-Section. On one end of this T-section is a needle (bleeder) valve. From the other part of the T, the air goes into a fitting which is threaded into the exhaust port of a heavy duty screen door closer.

It requires about 60psi to work properly, but this makes it violent. Start off at 15 psi and work up from there until you find the lowest pressure that gives you desired results. Be aware….

In this version, a manual valve triggers the Popper Ghoul. However, it is possible to use a hot/cold washing machine solenoid both to trigger the prop and to replace the bleeder valve, although I did notdo this because of cost. It is HIGHLY recommended to use a soleniod becasue, with the solenoid, the activation time of the prop will go way down. Otherwise, there will be a two or three second delay and a loud HISSING sound before the ghoul flies up out of the box……(More)

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