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Boneyard BBQ

Stir yourself up some culinary magic by building a human rotisserie!


One rubber skeleton
one metal shower curtain rod
6 lengths of pressure treated 1”X1” deck spindles
2 1/2” U-brackets
one 10” length 9/16” all-thread rod, nuts and washers

a hand saw
a screw gun and 2” screws
one can of Great Stuff spray foam
2 cans of spray paint (black and red primer)
12” wire zip ties

Step one: prepping the main course
I decided that a half skeleton was scarier than one with legs so I tore them off and inserted the shower curtain bar (spray painted black) through the pelvis and rib cage and secured the “meal” to the bar with several zip ties and then with 1” screws to keep the victim from turning on the shaft. I added “meat” by spraying the Great Stuff foam onto a patch of grass, letting dry and spray painting black. I was very pleased with the result of the bubbling mass. Once the foam had dried, I stuffed the upper torso with it (fig. 1). The arms were zip-tied to the bar in a convincing manner then tied with some old rope. I used the end of an old plastic pitch fork (fig. 4) for added skewering power and painted it to match…..

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