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Bucky Demon

Bucky Demon

It all started with a few teeth…

When I got one of my Bucky’s from Anatomical Chart Company, I noticed a bunch of extra teeth at the bottom of the box.  Now, in case you haven’t see bucky teeth, the front ones have a long, sharp pointed root.  Aha!  I can make a vampire Bucky!

For the lower jaw, I removed the one that is removable, and then drilled out the corresponding one on the other side.  For the top, I used my dremel to grind down the outside of the tooth, and then superglued the Bucky tooth over it.

The teeth looked great, but I realized that I had more of a demon going than a vampire, so I just changed what I called it.  :>

Next, down at my local hardware store, I got a gallon of Dap Weldwood Carpet Adhesive for $10.49.  What is that?  Good question. 

On the side it says: “Dap Weldwood Carpet Adhesive is a high performance, low odor, white latex adhesive designed for the installation of most interior carpets.”

Ok, so what do I do with it?

Well, first you cover a section of the skeleton with some carpet latex.  Stretch some cotton across the section you want to bulk up, and then cover it with more carpet latex.  The cotton will naturally tend to stretch out in strings, which just adds to the decaying effect.

The cotton I’m actually using is “Sterile Absorbent Cotton” … a continuous roll of cotton about 6 inches wide.  This stuff is GREAT for corpsing!  You can peel off layers of it and cover large areas at once.  I got it in the first aid section of my local Rite Aid when it was going out of business.  You can use something like this, or you can use cotton balls, your choice….

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