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Devils Rose

Devil Rose

1)      The first thing that I did was I took a plastic see-thru mask that I bought from Wal-Mart and paper Mache the front of the mask.

2)      Next, I punched holes into the sides of the mask.  Six all together.  These would be for the creature’s tentacles.  The tentacles were made with a combination of bic pens, wire, glue, and cotton.  The six tentacles were then hot glued into each of the 6 holes.

3)      Duct tape was then taped around the tentacles and pulled back some to look like flaps of skin.

4)      For the creature’s eyes, I took a red plastic Easter egg and cut it down to size to fit each of the eyes.  These too were hot glued to the inside of the mask.

5)      At this point the nose needed to be trimmed down.  With a knife I trimmed the tip of the nose down a little, so that it would match the contours of the front of the face.

6)      I needed a mouth to go with the rest of the face so I had to make one.  I made one by taking my skull head (The one I use for Scary Terry’s talking skull) and dip the mouth into a bowl full of plaster of Paris.  The bowl was just an empty plastic butter container.  After about a ½ hr the skull was pulled free from the plaster of Paris.  This left me with the mold for the teeth.  Before using the mold I used canola oil to grease the mold.   I then used liquid latex and poured it into the mold.  After the latex was ready, I pulled it from the mold and placed it on the front of the mask which I then applied some latex to the mask and the mouth as an adhesive.

7)      The rest of the face was then lightly paper Mache, covering the sides of the mouth and beefing up the eyes and nose. The lips were just excess paper Mache that was pulled up in spots.

8)      The nose was created by cutting two slits into the paper Mache and filling with a little cotton.

9)      The back of the head was created by blowing up a balloon and taping it to the mask.  The mask and the balloon were then paper Mache together.

10)  With the 3oz of latex I had, I brushed the tentacles and edges of the front of the mask with latex.

11)  For the creature’s body I bought a 3 inch sump pump plastic pipe 10 foot and two 3 inch couplers for a dryer vent outlet hose.  In the witch’s caldron, I cut a hole for the dryer vent coupler in the bottom of the caldron.  With the plastic pipe that I bought, I cut the 10 foot section to 3 feet.  The other coupler was hot glued to the head and placed on the 3 foot section of pipe along with the other coupler.  The whole top section was then connected to the caldron.




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