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Combine these:

Freshly pressed apple juice. Cider aged more than
seven days, brown and slightly sour apple vinegar.
Clear apple brandy, one ounce of honey, one drop of wintergreen.
Stir, warm, and mix.
Take it every day and to work it say:

"If I must pay,
The apple's price.
I shall be young,
as well as wise.
Filling my cup,
with honeyed days,
and hours as green,
as eden's pass."


Summoning a Spirit or Ghost.

For conversation with the dead go to a cemetery; avoid the grave's Annoyance, speaking always gently:

"Earth, bone,
And winding sheet,
Let this spirit
Come to me-
Yet send it
In peace,
Or not at all."

If it comes, it should be offered white wine, not red; and knelt to, from pity.


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