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Light a pink candle for love and a blue candle for healing on a friday evening.
Say the following incantation:

"Please (name of person), do think again.
May the consequence heal my pain.
Grant my request to me and you'll see,
The good in your heart set me free.
Bless you."

Snuff the candles out after casting your spell.


Dream Of The Deceased

You will need:
1 white candle
A picture of the deceased
A pentagram

Light the white candle and stare at the flame for a few minutes.
Then put the picture at eye level and say:
You are gone forever;
But through this spell,
My dreams to which
you will come.
Place the picture under your pillow.
Let the candle burn to a stub, blow it out, and place it under your pillow also.
Sleep with them under your pillow for three nights to recieve the dream you want.


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