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                  Producing Spell

This Spell will strike unknown fears, anger and faulty judgement into whomever you aim it at.
Do No Use It On People You Are With.
Carry out this Magic-working a day or two after New Moon when you are aware that your target is sleeping. Lie down on your bed, close your eyes and say:
"The troubles and forces I send to thee
Shall never return to trouble me."

Now search in your mind for a memory of seeing or meeting that person you wish to work the magic on. As soon as the memory is clear, say:
"Stir inn your sleep and feel the effects
Of all that I send thee in the Name of this Hex.
From fiends of your mind shall you consciousness cower,
Stir in thy brain as I pour in my Power."
9 (cont.)

THH-PS (cont.)

    As you finish the rhyme, recall the most frightening movie you've ever seen, or the scariest TV show you've watch. Then say the name of your target three times.
Follow that by saying:
"Sealed with a Curse as sharp as a knife,
Doomed are your plans and damned is your life."
Think of wet slimy things, crawling horrors, weird creatures, skeletons and evil smells slipping, slithering, and dancing over your target as he/she lies sleeping.
Repeat his/her name three times more. Say:
"So shall it be."
Raise your arm, point your forefinger at the ceiling and sign your name in the air, as if you were writing on an imaginary blackboard. Turn over, think happy thoughts for yourself and drift off to sleep.
( The Mystic Grimoire Of Mighty Spells And Rituals)


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