Terms Of The Contest

  • Your site must be Halloween orientated and scary.

  • If your site wins, you must wait a full year before entering THAT SITE (however, you may enter another site).

  • There is no Limit on how big your site must be. You can have 1 page to 50 pages.

  • Please Do Not Modify Or Alter your banner, in any way, when you get it. The vote will not be accurate and you will be excluded from the contest. And That's Final.

  • The more people that participates and visits our sponsors the More and Bigger the prizes will be.

  • The first 60 sites will be entered into the contest.Then after a given date, it will be the top 20 sites until Halloween.
    Then base upon the count, the winning site will win the prize and put onto the banner til next years contest.

  • If you are the winner, we are going to need to ask for Home Address, so we know where to send the prize to.

  • By submitting your site, you Understand and Agreed to the Rules.

  • If you have any questions, Please send E-Mail to .

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  • The Winner(s)
    Grand Prize for the year of 2001

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