Log 8/21/05, 12:34pm Music Videos.
Added a Music Videos Section.
Music Videos.

Log 7/10/05, 3:15am: WOOT Time to Celebrate.
Halloween-Master.com Is Ranked in the Top 40
For Halloween Stores.
Later in the Future, I will be working more on the Store Part.
Thank You to everyone who helped out.
I don't have an online Game yet, HOWEVER, What I WILL Do
Is this. If you have a Halloween Website, Submit it (I'll make a Submission area)
We will put you into a Drawing and do a random Pull.
Details will be in the Submission Area.

Log 6/16/05, 2:00am: Hexes, Frogs & Brooms. Oh My
Been Adding More Spells To The Spell Book.
Spell Book.

Log 5/21/05, 7:19pm: Real-Casino.Org.
Been Working on a Casino Site.
Halloween Site just does not produce enough.

Log 4/07/05, 9:25pm: Add-On.
Added a Map Of The Site.

Log 7/18/03, 12:03am: YES. There is a God.
I walked out the front door and guess what I found?
A Corpse WELL Worth the Effort.
Whomever Put it there, THANK YOU.

Log 7/14/03, 11:59pm: Sorry.
Sorry, I Haven't Been Keep Up With The WebSite And The Log.
Been Plotting With Diablo.
And Seeking Advise From Bhaal.

Log 6/19/03, 11:08pm: Cleaning Up (Please Note)
If Your Gonna Leave A Body On My Door Step....
Please, Please, Please, Be Sure Its A Fresh One.
Nothing More Than 4 Days Old.

Log 6/07/03, 3:25pm: Office Work
Made Some Changes To How You Get To The Office
Just The Bridge.

Log 5/15/03, 12:00am: Casting My Dark Spells
Figured Tonight Is The Night For Casting Dark Evil Spells.
Spells For People Whose Done Wrong Things To Me.
And Always Looking For More Fresh Rotting Corpse.

Log 4/25/03, 11:00pm: Trance
Have'nt Done Much To The Site Lately
Was In A 30 Day Dream Trance. Need To Find More
Options To Chat Rooms.

Log 3/25/03, 11:00pm: ADD-ONS
Added 2 Chat Rooms And
A New Message Board To The Main Page. Here.

Log 3/18/03, 4:30pm: MP3 Archives
Added A MP3 Archives.
It Can Also Be Reached At 'Past MP3's'.

Log 3/15/03, 8:00pm: Out Of Office
Will Not Be Online All Day On 3/16/03.
Gonna Watch 'Children Of Dune'.
Will Try To Get A Past MP3 Archive Going

Log 3/09/03, All Day: The Fight Continues
Commission Junction Seems To Have A Hard Time Of Keeping An Accurate Record.
Not Getting Credit Where It's Do.
If Your Looking For A Simple 3rd Party Affiliate, Don't Sign-Up With Them.
It's Too Much For Them To Handle.

Log 2/25/03, 2:30pm: Added A 'Top Sites'
Added A Home Of The Necromancers Top Site.
Home Of The Necromancers Top Sites!

Log 2/24/03, 7:50pm: MP3 Request Board
Added An MP3 Request Board On The Main Page.

Log 2/19/03, 3:30pm: MP3 Of The Week
Added A MP3 Of The Week In The Main Section.
If You Have A Request For A Certain Band,
Please Send E-Mail, And I'll Try To Find Them. If I Dont Have Them Already.

Log 2/18/03, 10:10pm: By Request (The Morbid People)
I Added A Couple Of Links In The Necromancers Site Under The Tomb Section.
These Links Should Not Be Taken Lightly
I Will Try To Add More As I Find Them.

Log 2/12/03, 8:00pm: Bored Out Of My Mind
Just Searching Through The Web.
Seeing Whats Out There And Getting Ideas For My New Flash Program.

Log 2/12/03, 12:00am: Looking For Souls
Looking for more souls for my collection of undeads (for my Necromancer Site).
Didn't find any of the ones I needed. Will Try Again

Log 2/11/03, 11:00pm: Started A Log File
Started a log file to keep track of what I have done and what I need to work on.