Story Of Magi Omaris Sr.

Magi, Birth Place, Unknown, but raised in the City of Zazesspur in Tethyr. Spent most of Childhood learning the Arts of Wizardry to follow the path of the Red Wizard Order. Time pasted on as he learn more and more of the arts and earning a Reputation amongst the Commoners.

But Fate had turned on one quest, for he was going against something way beyond his Nightmare could even dream of.
As he was exploring an empty Ancient Temple (So thought to be), deep in the depth found a wand of unknown origin. But after finding the wand, it had summoned an Ancient Wizard. After long and intensed battle and fearing that he was loosing, he quickly used the wand, not knowing of the end result. The wand had backfired. Sending him deep into a Darkness Void. Between Life and Death.

After What seemed like an eternity, (Later found out to be 11 years) he awoken to find himself in a cemetery, fragments of memories missing. The place where he was at, only the Gods could of gotten him out. He spent months getting his Life back into order. Knowing that everyone knew that he was dead, decided to take a name of Magi Omaris Jr. and said it was his Father who was killed.

Time went on, not knowing of which god had risen him, decided to hold off and taking the path of the Red Wizard Order, until he was for sure.

He went on more quests to try to get a Reputation of 'Like Father, Like Son'. After some time went by got a Summons for his Present in front of the High Council, By the King. Next day, Omaris went to the Castle to seek the King. The King knew of his true identity, and offered a spot in the High Council, as well as earning a Title as the Loyal Red Wizard Order. But he needed his Reputation as either Magi Omaris Sr. or Jr. to complete this one Campaign.

He must first gather up a Party, do a couple of small things, and to retrieve an Ancient Wand. The same one that sent him into the Darkness for 11 years. All the Tasks were done then it was off to the Ancient Temple, but what he didn't know was that the King had other plans. Also that he had hired 4 Elite Assassins, and 2 Generals (in the party) to be sure the job was done.

After another intensed battle with the same Ancient Wizard and retrieving the wand. The Party was victorious. Now it was a matter of getting out of the Temple and avoiding the bandits to get back to the Castle. However, after exiting the Temple, the party was quickly Jumped by Bandits as well as the 4 Elite Assassins. The Assassins hit there Target. Magi Omaris was killed.

But the story doesn't end there. Before going to the temple, Omaris somehow knew of a Regen Spell. So he had put a bit of his life's essences in a jar, did some spells, and it was given to a friend, with exact instructions if anything was to happen to him.

After 2 years, he had awoken again. At the same cemetery, with his friend standing by his grave. But this time, those Fragments of losted memories had came back. The King was corrupting the People.

He tried to gather up the Commoners to overthrow the King, but they were too afraid of him. So he tried to gather up the Loyal Rich People, but they didn't Believe him. Then he tried to gather up the High Councils. But they were part of the plot, and quickly had the guards throw him out of the City. Now he was posted as a Rogue Wizard and to be Killed within the city Limits.

However, Omaris started to realize that his usual powers no longer worked. But that bits of the dark arts were almost like natural to him now. Then he started having death dreams and all of them had one Symbol.

The Symbol Of Bhaal.

He now knew what his destiny was.